Massages after Fitness


Sport/Fitness massage

Sport massage is one of the best massage for people doing sports. It is created to help athletes to optimum fast and efficient recovery after training. It stimulates blood circulation,  strengthens the general condition of the body and successfully helps recovery and relaxation of the muscles. There is evidence that if the body is needed 76 hours to fully recover after a workout, then if you do sports massage, recovery time is reduced by 2/3. Sport massage is specific fast and strong massage.

45 min/60 BGN

60 min/75 BGN

Deep Tissue massage

This is a massage that reduces tiredness and stress throughout the body. It is slow, strong massage with special deep tishu techniques.

60 min/79 BGN

Medical massage

Medical massage is a special massage, which is used in different diseases of the musculoskeletal system.  There is very good effect in back pain, muscle cramps, chronic plexit etc. The massage is with special medical cream.

30 min/45 BGN

45 min/65 BGN

60 min/80 BGN

Special VIP massage

This is a massage, which is the best combination of Thai massage, Deep tissue massage and food reflexology. It combines the best techniques for the recovery of the body.

60min/89 BGN

90 min/ 119 BGN